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Jill Denton


Vibrant Life counseling center



 Are you feeling stuck and in pain, and find it difficult to confide in your friends and family?  I can be that safe place for you, a place where you feel safe and supported to be who you truly are.

Together we can take a look at which ways of thinking and reacting are helping you reach your goals, and which parts of yourself may have helped you get to where you are, but now you are finding they are ineffective in helping you move forward.

As you learn to see your whole story and learn new tools to respond in a way that line up with your true value, healing begins.


Betrayal TraumaTherapy

When your partner steps outside of your relationship, either through infidelity, or sexual additions, you may feel like you have been hit by a bus! You were walking on the sidewalk, following all the rules, but it happened anyway!

 Betrayal Trauma impacts your brain, body and mind. The impact of BT on your life may leave you with rage, suspicion, hopelessness or feeling powerless, not to mention the impact on your own safety, self image, family, community and spirituality.

I have proven ways to help you work through this pain and will guide you in your healing, as a Betrayed Partner Specialist.



How much confidence do you feel you have? Do you trust your own judgement and act on your own knowing? What is your purpose and calling? Are you seen and valued by your partner? How connected to your creative expression do you feel? Do you feel supported and connected to God? Are you a priority in caring for your physical and emotional well being?

I can help you step into more of your potential in these areas of your life and find your strength?



There's one thing we can be sure of with couples, --Conflict.  We fall in love, commit to one another through marriage or within our own hearts. Life seems to be going along fine, until it isn't! It seems like nothing is right now! You can seem to say or do the right thing, or maybe worse with the deafening silence of indifference.I have experience in helping couples work better, heal from old wounds, and increase overall relationship satisfaction. Its not easy, but with hard work, you can learn new ways to communicate and find each other again.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

If you struggle to cope with anxiety, grief,  or strife in relationships, I can help you navigate those feelings and offer a path forward. In this uncertain world, you may feel hopeless, anxious, or just feel like something is not right. I can help you heal by utilizing  your soul’s ability to naturally heal through meditation, mindfulness and "downloading" new skills. Your thoughts and emotions are changeable, and you can learn to adapt to a better way of thinking and reacting with new coping skills.  My clients find they have more power than they think, becoming more comfortable with themselves and their decisions.


I am here for you, and will walk beside you on your journey towards a richer, fuller life. To rediscover the meaning of life and take baby steps at first to reach your goals.

I can help you find useful tools to help you cope with life’s troubles, enabling you to have the kind of life you crave! Call me today 469.808.9490.

About me

Fully-certified since 2017, I’ve been successfully counseling clients throughout the DFW area and facilitating their self-growth. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, my services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation. As a former educator, I like to teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life, and especially when life throws you a curve ball. I believe God is the master healer, and am a faith based counselor.

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